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Last Updated: 2018-06-12, 01:37:05 PM
To which purpose are my personal data colected and used?
What personal data are we collecting?
Who has access to your personal data?
How long are your personal data kept?
What are your rights on your personal data?
How to exercise your rights?

This article aims at you as a physical person concerned by the personal data processing by PayPlug. It specifies PayPlug's needs to collect your personal data, how they will be protected, how long they will be kept, and your rights about them.
PayPlug is collecting and processing information identifying you and that can concern you private and professional life (for example name, birthdate, turnover, etc..).

The personal data protection is essential to build, with our customers a trustworthy business relationship. To that purpose, PayPlug is continously making sure that the personal data protection rules are applied and is taking care of managing responsibly its informatic files as well as to apply the highest transparency on personal data processing.

To which purpose are my personal data colected and used?

To provide you the products or services you have subscribed or you wish to subscribe to

We are processing your personal data in order to provide you products and services. This is necessary to the pre-contractual measures which are following your application and/or the contract execution as:
  • The PayPlug subscription
  • The management and execution of payment operations
  • The claims management.

To answer to our legal and regulatory obligations

We must comply with numerous legal obligations and are setting up personal data processing to answer them, for example we have the responsibility of:
  • The knowledge of our Customers
  • The fight against money-laundering and terrorism funding
  • The fraud prevention.

The legitimate interest from PayPlug to set up the data processing.

The legitimate interests for PayPlug are numerous and consist in:
  • A better customer knowledge 
  • An improvement of our products and services
  • A higher risk management
Those processings take into account your interests and fundamental rights. To this end, it goes with measures and guarantees allowing to ensure your interests and rights protection and to respect the balance between the legitimate interests followed up by PayPlug.

These legitimate interests can justify the personal data processing such as:
  • Our customers' selection and targeting
  • The commercial prospection and animation
  • The marketing communication
  • The  investigations and measures of our customers satifaction
  • The proposition of adapted and personalised services
                   as part of our technology evolution
                   by the customer experience improvement
                   or to adapt to your needs.
  • The statistics, models or tests set-up in the context of research and development
  • The fraud prevention and the risk management.
  • The information and IT network safety.

Cookies and other trackers

Cookies or other trackers are "tags/tools.." left and read when looking at a website, reading an email, installing or using a software or a mobile app.

When you visit PayPlug, cookies and trackers can be installed on your devices (computers, smartphones, tabs, etc...)
The cookies policy that we are setting-up, is available on the concerned websites.

What personal data are we collecting?

In the context of the above aims, we are collecting directly or indirectly from you  the following data :
ID or contact data: Name, firstname, address, phone number, email address, birthdate, nationality, bank IDs, proof of identity and/or address.
Data on the activity PayPlug is used for, website, Registration number, revenue, average cart, type of products sold, etc.
Payment data and data on payers:
Credit card data (PAN, CVV, Expiry date), data related to the payer's id (email, name, firstname), date, amount, browsing data, and payment characteristics (ex: shipment data)
Browsing data and cookies: IP address, preferences on language used, and other data related to our websites reading.

Who has access to your personal data?

Payplug is very cautious in taking every necessary measures to  professional secrecy, and in ensuring your collected personal data are securely saved, meaning  making sure only the authorised people have access to it.

Only the people who are entitled to, because of their activity within the competent services of PayPlug, in charge of the related processings, have access to your personal data within the limit of their habilitations.
However, we also transfer your personal data to third parties such as:
The providers or sub-contractors which PayPlug is giving operational or services fonctions to
The judiciary financial authorities or other government organisms.
Some licensed professions such as lawyers, ushers, solicitors, or audit firms.

How long are your personal data kept?

Your personal data are only kept for the time necessary to the aims they have been collected to, or the time prescribed by law or rule.

This conservation time depends on the following processings

Type of processing Time of conservation
Products and services management maximum 5 years from the end of the contractual relationship
Fight against laundering and terrorism funding 5 years from the operation accomplishment for the information allowing to justify this operation
5 years from the account deactivation when it comes to data and documents related to the customers'id.
Fight against fraud maximum 5 years from the fraud account's closure
When a judiciary procedure is engaged, the personal data are kept until the end of it.
General accountancy 10 years from the end of the financial year
Accounting report conservation 10 years

What are your rights on your personal data?

You have different rights on your personal data within the limit and conditions provided for in the regulations:
- Access to all your personal data: you can get information related to your personal data processing as well as a copy of them;
- Change, update your personal data: If you consider your personal data are inaccurate or incomplete, you have the right to modify these personal data;
- Delete: you can ask for your personal data to be deleted;
- Ask for a limitation on your personal data processing operated
-  Ask for your personal data's portability: you have the right to ask to get back the personal data that you have given PayPlug, or for them to be transmitted to a third party if this is technically possible;
- Take your consent back at any moment regarding your personal data processing which are under it.
-Oppose your personal data processing : you can, for legitimate motives related to a particular situation, at any moment, oppose your personal data processing, to marketing purposes, which includes profiling processings related to it.
-Send a claim to a control authority.

How to exercise your rights?

To exercise your rights, you can contact us by electronic or postal mail, indicating your name, firstname, contact data, and providing a copy of your id document.

Data Protection Officer
Postal mail
23-25 rue Jean Jacques Rousseau
75001 Paris.

You can, at any moment, take your claim to the competent control authority, namely the one from the European Economic Area country your home or place of work is in, or also where the assumed violation to the regulation was committed. 

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