How to install and configure our plugin for PrestaShop 1.7?

Last Updated: 2018-12-31, 03:22:32 PM
Thanks to our privileged partnership with PrestaShop, the PayPlug plugin is already pre-installed in your back-office.

In order to use our plugin for PrestaShop 1.7 you should install it and configure it. Also, think about putting it to the top.

Plugin Installation
Plugin Configuration
Plugin Positionning
In case of problem

Plugin Installation

In order to install the Plugin, you should follow one of the following methods ("A" or "B")

A. Installation from the Prestashop Back-Office (recommended method)
1. Go in your shop PrestaShop Back-office

2. Click on the "Modules and Services" menu ont the left-hand side

3. In the section "Modules list" enter PayPlug in the "Search" field (in the "Selection" tab)

4. The PayPlug plugin section appears on the right-hand side. Click on "Install"

5. You are directed to the PayPlug plugin page. You can then go on with the "Plugin Configuration" step.

Steps 1, 2, 3 and 4

B. Installation from your computer (this step isn't to be followed if you have already installed the plugin in your back-office).

1. Go on the Prestashop addons' PayPlug page in order to download the plugin on your computer.

2. Once the plugin is downloaded, click on the "Modules and Services" menu on the left-hand side

3. Click on "Upload a module" at the top right-hand corner. A window will open in the center.

4. Click on "Choose a file", this will allow you to look fo your plugin and to upload it.

5. Click on the "Modules and Services" menu ont the left-hand side.

6. In the tab "Installed Modules" enter PayPlug in the "Search" field.

7. The PayPlug plugin section appears. Click on "Install"

8. You are directed to the PayPlug plugin page. You can then go on with the "Plugin Configuration" step.

Steps 1, 2 and 3

Plugin Configuration

Once the plugin is installed, you are automatically redirected to the plugin configuration page.
If this is not the case, go in the "Modules and services" menu, look for "Payplug", then click on the "configure" button.

Payplug plugin configuration from the "Plugin & Services" menu.

1. Enter your Payplug email and password, then click on "Connect Account"

Step 1

2.In the  "Display to Customers" section, switch the cursor to "Display the Payplug plugin to my customers" to green.

Step 2

3. In the "Settings" section, you can choose between the following elements.
-Mode: Do you prefer using your shop in a "Live" or 'Test" mode.
-Payment page: Will you use a "Redirect" or "Embedded"payment page (pop-up).
-Will you allow your customers to register their credit cards? (option in the Premium offer only)

Steps 3 & 4

4. Click on "Update Settings" after you chose the mode and payment page you wished.

How to position PayPlug to the top position within your payment methods

Once the Plugin is installed and configured, you can place it to be your top means of payment at checkout. In order to change the PayPlug plugin's position on PrestaShop 1.7, you should follow these steps:

- Go to the "Design" menu of your PrestaShop back-office, then to the menu"Positions"
- Click on "Display non-positionable hooks"
- Payment plugins will be under the "paymentOptions" section
- Keep the PayPlug plugin clicked while you swipe it to the top.


In case of problem

In case of problem within the v2 plugin installation or following an update to it, we advise you to look at the article provided for such purpose or to contact us at

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