PayPlug new feature: towards a simplified invoicing

Last Updated: 2018-07-13, 03:07:20 PM
At PayPlug, we strive to continuously improve our solution. This is why we are bringing a few changes to our billing system. Those updates are applicable to all the transactions processed since January 1st 2018.

Important precision:

If in your "Amount available" you see "pending invoice", you don't need to do anything. This invoice corresponds to the current monthly fees and will automatically be debited the last calendar day of the month.

Before the 1st of February, in the "Transfers" tab the amount available was the one displayed (the all transactions less the fees). From the 1st of February on, the one displayed is the Balance. This gathers all the transactions with the fees included in it (pending invoice).

In January, the fees have not been debited in anticipation of this change, thus you have not been debited twice but once.

New: Fees details

You now have access to a new document in your PayPlug portal named "Details". You can find it from the "Accounting" menu, then the tab  "Invoices".

This document provides a comprehensive insight about your fees breakdown. Indeed, for each transaction, the document shows:
  • PayPlug transaction ID.
  • The date and time
  • The type (payment or refund)
  • The card country of origin
  • Amount.
  • Variable fees.
  • Flat fees.
  • The API ID
This " Details" is available for the 2 following periods:
- the month currently running: this document is updated in real time, transaction by transaction. You can generate it at any time.
- The last invoiced months.

Where to get the document details about the last month fees.

In addition to this new export "Details", we also simplified the Accounting report, available in the "Accounting" section of your PayPlug portal. It now displays the following information:
  • The PayPlug ID
  • The date and time
  • Transaction type (payment, refund, etc).
  • Transaction amount.
  • The Metadatas (gathering among other things the web site)
  • Customer details for each payment (email, name, firstname).
  • Payment ID.

A real time access to your balance

If you want to check your account balance, you can go to the "Transfers" menu of your PayPlug portal at any time. When you click on the "balance amount" at the right corner of the page, the following information is displayed:
  • Balance of your PayPlug account.
  • Amount of your next monthly invoice.
  • Amount of your reserve if you have any.
  • Amount of your pending invoices if you have any.
  • Amount available for transfer to your bank account if you have any.

Detailed Balance display

If you want to make a bank transfer, please click the button "Transfer my Balance".


Once single monthly invoice

To ease up your accounting management, PayPlug now provides a comprehensive monthly invoice with the detail of your PayPlug charges.
This invoice is generated at the beginning of each month and covers the total charges of the previous calendar month.
For example, your invoice for February will be available early March. To get it, you should go to the "Accounting" menu of your portal, then click on the invoice you need from the "Download" column.

​These fees are debited at the beginning of each month from your PayPlug account balance (not for each transaction). You don’t need to take any action.

A document summarizing your charges' details is associated to each invoice.
For each transaction, the following information is available:
  • ID: The transaction reference.
  • Date: The date for the transaction.
  • Card type: consumer ou business.
  • Card region: The zone from which the card originated from.
  • Fees: The fees before VAT.
  • Variable fees: The variable fees for this transaction.
  • Flat fees: The flat fees for this transaction.
  • API transaction id: This is the PayPlug API transaction ID. It allows you to retrieve payments details from the "Payments" menu of your PayPlug portal.
Here is a real life example of the new invoicing system:
  • In January, you receive payments for a total amount of 1000€.
  • For each transaction, the fees add up to the amount of the next invoice, therefore are subtracted from the balance.
  • The first day of the following month (so on February 1st), these fees are debited from your PayPlug balance.
  • The charge is shown on your February invoice under the line "Transaction fees".

We wish to collect your feedback about these new features. Therefore, we would like you to fill out a short survey. Your participation will help us to make further improvements on the PayPlug features.

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