What to do when having problems with our Prestashop module?

Last Updated: 2017-12-04, 10:37:30 PM

In the event of having any difficulties whilst using the PayPlug Prestashop module, before trying any of the other options, we recommend first uninstalling and deleting the module and then re-installing it. If the problem persists, we recommend reading the following recommendations: 

The plugin does not appear in the end in the cart after installation.

The plugin won't install or it doesn't work after being installed

You are receiving notification mails with a 500 error after a payment

The plugin does not appear in the end, in the cart after installation

If the module does not appear at the end of the checkout despite being installed correctly, you should verify the following aspects:

- You must have a carrier associated to the purchase; you can do this from the "Courier" menu in your PrestaShop BackOffice

- You must select the countries where you ship to; you can do so by selecting the "Modules and Services" menu, going to  "Payments" and clicking the "Restrictions of countries" section.

- Once you have selected the countries where you ship to, you should verify that they are "Active"; you can toggle this option from the "localization" menu by clicking on "country".

- The delivery area must be activated in the "location" menu.

- The menu should be attached to the Hook: From the "Modules & Services" menu click on "Positions", search for "displayPayment" and "displayPaymentReturn" (do not worry about "displayPaymentEU"). The PayPlug module must be present in both sections,

- Go to the module's configuration page and verify that "Display module to my clients"  is green. 

- It is also possible that there might be a clash between modules. This can happen when a third-party module affects the payment solution directly, either due to the way it operates or due to being badly coded. 

The module won't install or does not work after being installed

In the event of having difficulties during the installation process or noticing any malfunctions after having installed it (for example double payment orders), you should verify the following elements:

- The php culr extension should be installed and activated (version 7.21 or newer is required),

- Your Server's PHP version should be at least 5.3

- Your server should dispose of a 1.0.1 version of OpenSSL or newer

- Is there a javascript at the end of the checkout that could be clashing with the PayPlug module? This could be caused by a third-party module or by an outdated or bad quality theme. 

- Have you personalized your theme? if your theme has been modified, this could affect the correct behavior of the PayPlug module.

- Have you personalized your shipping options? if you have modified certain fields related to the shipping options (ie: existing countries that you ship to) this could hinder the correct behavior of the PayPlug module.  

- As we mentioned in the previous section, verify that no other module is in conflict with the PayPlug one. 

If the problems persist, try simulating a purchase on your website with safe mode activated on your explorer. 

You receive emails after trying to pay notifying you of an error 500

If you receive emails on our behalf notifying you of an error 500 linked to a payment, you should verify:

- The permissions regarding the files and folders where the PayPlug module is situated: Amongst other things, it is especially important that they have permissions 0755 and 0644. These permissions should not be too open nor too restricting. 

- Your .htaccess folder configuration: especially the URL parameter errors or the simplified URL activation

- Your website's or server's error logs

- Your server's configuration, especially the exceeded response times. 

- Any recent modifications which you might have implemented.

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