Applications' rejections and forbidden activities

Last Updated: 2018-06-19, 03:36:32 PM
Several criteria are taken into account when an application from an e-merchant is reviewed by PayPlug.
The outcome decided by our compliance department is based on various elements such as internal risk policy, recommandations from financial institutions and requirements from the current legislation.

The validation or the rejection of an application does not imply a judgement on the quality of the business and the legitimacy of the activity.

There are several types of businesses for which PayPlug may reject an application. For instance, this can be voyance, charm and adult related, e-cigarette, products or services that can be used to break the law or spur violence.

PayPlug may hold the right to reject any other types of businesses if it is considered necessary. This may include the following : Financial Risk, reputation risk, disputes between the merchant and his shoppers.

When you apply for the activation of your PayPlug account, it may be rejected if your business involves on of these risks.

The following list displays non-exhaustively several cases of application rejections and can evolve in the future.
Types of business
  • Collection for third parties,
  • Marketplaces,
  • Pyramid schemes,
  • Auctions.

Criminal activities 

  • Activities related to terrorism and its financing,
  • Activities linked to money laundering,
  • Products and services which can harm physically and mentally.
  • Products which can damage the honor or reputations of others,
  • Any activity which is against the law

Incentive  to violence or to break the law

  • Products or services which spur breaking of the law,
  • Any products or services which could have a negative impact on people's mental or physical integrity.

Dating products or services

  • All types of products or services related to adult services, as well as those related to dating, pornograpy, obscenity, escort and prostitution.

Intellectual Property & Copyright

  • Products requiring intellectual property without the lawful authorization,
  • Counterfeit products.

IT Services

  • Platforms which could be used for piracy and file sharing of softwares, music, cinema, etc.
  • IT products or services without lawful authorization (ie: antivirus)
  • VPN services,
  • Cloud hosting
  • Mass emailing campaigns. 

Financial Services

  • Financial products or services including trading, FOREX, money transfers, pre-paid cards, money exchange...)
  • Debt collection on behalf of third parties (excluding court bailiffs),
  • Activities linked to bitcoins or any other type of virtual currency .

Regulated activities

  • Sales of animals without lawful authorization,
  • Tobacco, e-cigarettes and other accesories,
  • Sales of products that include kratom or canabidio
  • Sales of pharmaceutical products,
  • Sales of metal  and precious metals,
  • Any type of gambling (including tipsters),
  • Payment guarantee, security deposit
  • Any type of product which could pose a health threat.

Other types of activities

  • Voyance,
  • Massage services,
  • Telecom services and products
  • Addictive food complements,
  • Weapons (including toy weapons) 

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