Why is my payment refused by PayPlug?

Last Updated: 2017-12-04, 10:54:40 PM
PayPlug is an online payment processing company. We are a part of the payment chain but the acquisition or rejection of a card authorization is not our responsibility. The issuing bank is in charge of the credit card authorization while we only process and display the data they provide.
If your payment fails, this usually means your bank refused the transaction.


The main causes of a payment failure are the following:

  • the type of card is not accepted on PayPlug (for example: American Express),
  • the card reached its maximum debit capability,
  • the card details are not correct,
  • your bank cannot process the 3D Secure data (more information)
  • you are using a browser which hasn't been updated for a long time


In case of problem while processing a payment, we advise you to check the following points:
  • Is the card belonging to the following networks: Visa, MasterCard,CB ?
  • Does the card have the 3D-Secure activated ?(you can have this information from your bank advisor)
  • Did you receive a 3D-secure confirmation on your phone?
  • Have you reached your payment ceiling? (this information can be visible on your online bank account)
  • Has you credit card expired?
  • You can update your computer or try from another one

In any case, if you are facing a payment failure, we advise you to contact your bank and specify them the difficulty you experienced.

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