Where can I check the balance of my PayPlug account?

Last Updated: 2018-10-12, 11:45:57 AM
If you want to know your PayPlug balance, then go to the "Transfers" menu of your PayPlug portal.

The following information are displayed on the right of the page:
  • The comprehensive balance of your account.: This is the field "Balance" next to the button "Transfer my balance".
  • The part of your balance available for Transfer ("available for transfer") is quoted under the field "My Balance".
In order to see that information, you must follow these steps:

- Go to the "Transfers" menu of your PayPlug portal.

Place of the balance from the "Transfers" menu
  • click on "available" at the top right hand corner (next to "Transfer my balance")

The window "balance detail" opens when you click on "xx€ available"

The following information is displayed in the  "Balance details":
  • Your account ''Balance" : it is the total amount of your account. This includes for example the received payments, the refunds, the transfers, the blocked fees.
  • The part which is available for a transfer ("of which xx€ available")

If you wish to make a transfer on your bank account you should click on the "Transfer my balance" button.

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