What is the Smart 3D-Secure proposed by PayPlug ?

Last Updated: 2018-10-12, 01:26:51 PM
The risk score computed by PayPlug
Why activating the Smart 3D-Secure
The 5 levels of 3D-Secure
How to choose my 3D-Secure level
I received a chargeback for a payment for which the Smart 3D-Secure didn't trigger the 3D-Secure
I don't see the option Smart 3D-Secure in the configuration tab of my portal
Why don't you display the risk score for payments in my portal ?

The risk score computed by PayPlug

Each time you receive a payment, PayPlug computes the risk score in real time associated to that payment. This calculation is processed by using innovative predictive algorithms developed by PayPlug research teams. Thus, the estimated risk score depicts the probability that the payment is fraudulent.

If you wish to know more about predictive algorithms develop by payPlug, you can read this article.

Why activating the Smart 3D-Secure

The 3D-Secure decreases the chargeback risk, however it also lowers the conversion rate at the payment stage by adding another step. 
The arbitration between risk mitigation and shopping cart conversion requires a fine handling of the 3D-Secure.

The Smart 3D-Secure is a ground-breaking that will help you to increase your sales. It is part of the tools provided by PayPlug that help to optimize your conversion.

If you activate the Smart 3D-Secure option from the "Settings" tab of your PayPlug portal, only the riskiest payments  will be applied 3D-Secure. Therefore, you can limit the fraud risk while avoiding useless steps for low-risk payments. You combine shopping cart optimization and risk control !

In order to secure the most important payments, even if you activate the Smart 3D-Secure, all your payments will be applied 3D-Secure beyond a given level. This level is shown in the option "Smart 3D-Secure ib the "Settings"tab of your PayPlug portal. If you want this configuration to be modified, you can contact us.

The 5 levels of Smart 3D-Secure.

Below your amount ceiling, your payments will be directed or not to the 3D-secure in accordance with the risk calculated by PayPlug. If the score risk is hugh, the 3D-secure is activated, and if the risk score is  low the 3D-secure is deactivated.

The risk score calculated by our algorithm is a percentage: when at 100%, the algorithm is almost certain that the payment is realized by a fraud,  and at 0% the algorithm is almost certain the payment is realised by an honnest buyer.

This is up to you to determine the score risk above which you want te payments to be couple with a 3D secure code.

PayPlug proposes 5 levels:

Levels Risk score from which the 3D-Secure is activated Your profile
5 90% Audacious to maximze conversion while limiting the 3D-Secure
4 80% Dynamic to favour conversion with a targeted 3D-Secure
3 70% Balanced to reconcile conversion et fraud prevention
2 50% Moderate to limit fraud while largely using the 3D-Secure
1 20% Cautious to largely use the 3D-Secure


How to chose a good Smart 3D-secure level 

Put the slider where you think the level is the most adequate to your profile.

If you wish to optimize your sales, swith the clider to level 5 to limit as well as possible the 3D-secure use. If your first idea is to  avoid chargebacks, then chose the lowest level.

If you wish to limit fully the bad-debts risk, you can always put the 3D secure option  systematically in the Settings menu of your PayPlug portal.

I had a chargeback for a payment on which the Smart 3D-Secure didn't trigger a 3D-secure.

The risk calculation realised by PayPlug is precise but not infaillible! This is probability laws. This is possible for a payment to be scored at a low fraud risk but for the number to be false: A particularly skilled fraud that has succeded in foiling the algorithm and pretending to be an honnest buyer.

Other cases can arrive, for example an honnest buyer can forget he realized a purchase on your shop, and asked his bank for a chargeback, thinking that he was victim of a fraud. In that case, PayPlug will probably score the purchase to a low level as this is an honnest buyer, but the payment will end as a chargeback. You can limit that risk by communicating regularly with your customers.

I don't see the Smart 3D-secure in my portal

This option isn't activated systematically. If it isn't diplayed to you and you want to benefit from it, you can contact us.

Why don't you display the risk score in my portal?

The usual solutions to fight against fraud only display a risk score and allow to block most risky payment, or to put a delivery on hold.

At PayPlug, we want to help you sell more, this is why we have chosen to propose you the Smart 3D-secure. Unlike a usual tool that you would use to slow down deliveries or canceled risky payments, our solution work in real time to direct risky payment to a 3D secure authentification. It doesn't aim at allowing a deep analysis a posteriori, but more an optimization in real time. Moreover, the algorithms of "machine learning" used by PayPlug are very precise, but also too complex to allow the reasons of a high or low score. Furthermore they change continuously, with improvements and optimization done by our specialists' team. For these reasons, we have chosen not to overload the payment portal with scores with no explaination, and difficult to read. We prefer betting on the Smart 3D-secure, a real-time action, which optimize your sales.

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