How to get an Accounting Report or Payment History of all my transactions?

Last Updated: 2019-03-01, 04:28:46 PM
We aim at helping you in the management of your daily transactions. That is why we make 3 documents available: a "Transactions history", a "comprehensive summary of all your fees" and an "accounting report". They are just a few clicks away.

1. How to get an accounting report?

In order to get an accounting report:
- please go to the “Accounting” menu of your PayPlug portal,
- click on “Accounting report”.
- Chose the dates and click on "Export"

How to get an Accounting export.

Since February 1st, 2018, the accounting report doesn’t show anymore the fees details.
Those details are now available in the document “Fees details”, displayed in the following section:

2. How to get your fees details?

In order to get your fees details:
- please go to the “Accounting” menu of your PayPlug portal.
- Then click “Invoices”.
- Your fees’ details document is available in the “Download” section, at the right of the page.

The following information is available:
  • Transaction amount,
  • Variable fees,
  • Flat fees,
  • PayPlug transaction id.

How to get detail fees.

The document is available under the 2 following aspects:
- The detailed fees of the running month: this document is updated in real time. The fees displayed  in this document are blocked but will be billed at the end of the month only. You will also find an invoice of the running month in real time.

- The detailed fees of the previous month: this document sums up all the fees of the previous month and is associatied with the fees invoice.

How to identify to which customer is related a transaction from your fees’ details document?
If you want to associate a transaction to a customer, you need the the transaction id API (last column) and look for it in the "accounting report" or via the "Payments" menu of your PayPlug portal.


3. How to get a transactions history?

In order to get a history of your transactions, please go to the "Payments" menu of your portal.
The History gives you an operational view of your transactions. For instance, it shows the different types of operations (payments or refunds), growth amounts, failed payments with failure reasons

By default, the last 90 days are available. Select a range of dates at your convenience in order generate a document with .csv format. It is usable with a spreadsheet such as LibreOffice, Google Sheets and Excel.

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