How to send a payment request?

Last Updated: 2018-10-11, 03:46:19 PM

What is a payment request?

A payment request is a link to a secured PayPlug payment page. It is sent to your customer via email or text message.
Once received, your customer just has to click on the link in order to be headed toward the secured PayPlug payment page.
This page is similar to what can be found when the customers make regular purchase on an e-commerce website.

Please note that a payment request can generate only one payment from your customer.

How to create a payment request?

In order to create a payment request, you must follow these steps:
- go to the menu "Payments" in your PayPlug portal.
- Click on the button "Request a Payment" at the top right of the screen.

Button place to request a payment

- A new window called "Send a Payment request" opens.
- Fill in the fields "Amount", "Receiver", "Description".

Pop-up to request a payment

- The field "Receiver" can be either an email address, or a mobile phone number.
- Click on "Send". The payment request is sent to your customer from an email "".


How to send a payment request from my own email address?

If you want, you can send a payment request from your own email address.

For that purpose, when you are in the window "Send a Payment request" , you need to follow these steps:
- Click on "More options".
- Then check "Send the payment request from my own email application".
- Click on "Send".

This will open a new email window on your computer. It will be your own email in which will be inserted a very short text and the link to the 
PayPlug payment page.

Box to check to send ad payment request through your email application

Email subject is "Payment request".
If you want, you can add a short text inside your email so that you can customize it for your clients. You can also modify the email subject.
Once it is ready, just send it as you would do with any other email.
In order to use this feature, it is necessary that your browser allows pop-ups and that your default email client is correctly set up.

In order to verify if the request was correctly sent from your own email client, please check your Sent folder.


What is the advantage to send a payment request from my own email?

If you send the payment request from your own email, this will make you easier to be identified by your customers as the request will come from your own email, not from a PayPlug generic address. This also reduces the risk your request arrives in the recipient's spam folder.
You can also fully customize the email that is received by your customers.


What to do if I don't manage to send a payment request from my own email client?

There is a simple trick for this situation:
In your PayPlug portal, go to the menu "Payments".
Find the transaction on the screen and click on it.
On the right of the screen, you see a field "Permalink". You can just copy this link and paste it in a regular email.


What to do if my customer never received my payment request or if I need to resend it to him?

Just use the above trick.


How to see if my request was paid?

From your PayPlug portal, go to the menu "Payments". Click on the row of your payment.
If your payment request hasn't been paid, the statut will be "waiting". On the contrary, if it has been paid the status will be "Paid"


How do I cancel a payment request?

- Go in the "Payments" menu of your PayPlug portal. Find the line coresponding to the request and click on it.
-At the top right-hand corner click on the button "Cancel".

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