What are the delays to receive a bank transfer?

Last Updated: 2016-08-24, 10:17:59 AM
Bank transfers are usually processed within 24-48 hours (business days) Once the request is validated, and according to the interbank processing time, the transfers should be received within 3 business days on your bank account. Taking into account these constraints (weekends and interbank times), this delay may fluctuate up to 7/8 business days between your transfer requirements and the amount appearance on your bank account.

Some routine checks can noticeably be performed in order to detect fraud risk. Our goal is always to keep our users safe. More specifically, we may verify the effective delivery of goods or services that were sold through PayPlug before releasing the money available on your account. This approach may seem surprising, however it is necessary in order to limit the risk of commercial disputes.

In no way you should wait to receive the funds associated to your sales on your bank account before shipping your products. When running an e-commerce business, it is strongly advised that you have some cash in advance or that you already own the products in your inventory so that you can reduce your shipping time and serve your customers better. This will reduce the transfer delays as a consequence.

No bank transfer issue will be processed on the phone.

What can delay your transfer reception:

your customers have contacted PayPlug in order to complain about not reveiving their order
you can't easily be reached on the phone.
your orders processing times are important or have recently been increasing
you have received fraudulent payments
You are drop-shipping
your website is offline
your company is closed and you haven't updated your PayPlug account status
the products and services sold are not the ones you announced to PayPlug
you have recenlty known a strong increase  of your sales regarding your usual volumes
this is your first transfer request within several months.

In the context of your first transfer request: 

If you have recently activated your PayPlug account , the processing times can go until 10 business days. Indeed, in order to ensure the security of your customers' transactions, our teams are doing routine checks-up before validating your fist transfer request.

 If you are a new merchant and you want to improve your transfer delays, please don’t hesitate to send us your tracking numbers by using our contact form.

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