How do I activate my account?

Last Updated: 2019-07-08, 05:23:41 PM
In order to cash actual payments you must request activation of your account.

Whilst waiting for your account to be activated, you can use our payment solution in TEST mode (What is TEST mode?)

In order to activate your account, you will have to log in to your account, and complete the 3 "Account activation" steps.

Click on the "Fill in the form in 5 minutes" button, from the menu "First steps". 

Fill in the following information: "Business information", " Activity desfription", "Director's information".

Click on "Upload your documents" 

If you are a company, you should upload :
  • The business owner's ID (Identification document).
  • The business owner's personal (not in the company's name) proof of address; this document should be no older than 3 months
  • Bank statement in the company's name; the IBAN and BIC must be clearly visible.
  • A registration document (less than 3 months) with an identification number for your business.
  • Articles of association (“statuts” in French) dated and signed where you should handwrite on the last page “I confirm this document complies with the original”.

If you have sole ownership or are self-employed:
  • Identification document for the business owner.
  • Address proof at the personal name of the owner.
  • Bank statement showing the name of the company or the owner, the IBAN and BIC.
  • A registration document (less than 3 months) with an identification number for your business.

You will find further information here.

Click on "Add your Bank account":

The information entered in that section must be striclty identical to those on the bank document.


Click on "Choose your plan"

In order to know which offers fits you the best, you can look at the following article.


At all times you have the possibility to leave the "First steps" section in order to explore the different sections of you PayPlug portal.

If you wish to use PayPlug for an e-commerce website, it must be online at the moment of the activation, displaying all the products or services which are on sale. This will allow us to check that the products or services on sale are in line with our General Terms & Conditions. 

If you do not plan to use us on an e-commerce website, you can also use our payment demands. However, to do so, you must present a website linked to your activity, even if the website does not offer itself any chance to buy anything. If this is not possible, you can use a blog our a Facebook page which shows the products or services which you will be selling. 

It is necessary for your General Terms and Conditions and Legal Terms to be up to date and visible on your website.

If you have followed the above process, and that all your documents are compliant and our risk department has no further questions, your  account will be activated within around 1-2 business days.

If you have any trouble getting from the first step of the activation process (personal information) to the second one (document uploading), please check that you have correctly filled in all the requested information. 

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